Welcome to Santé Spa

Dear Valued Guests of Sante Spa at Hotel Le Germain,
RnR Wellness has acquired the Sante Spa at Hotel Le Germain location and will be taking appointments from Jan 31st. We have the utmost confidence in their dedication to quality and excellence in wellness and spa services.
We welcome our loyal Guests to continue to experience the Sante brand as a Guest at one of our other locations:
The Spa Ritual - Our Southeast Asian inspired day spa
106 Crowfoot Terrace NW - thesparitual.com
Sante Medical - For your Medical Aesthetics needs.
1451 14 Street SW – santemedical.ca
Sante Spa Victoria, B.C. – Victoria’s Mountain Escape
1999 Country Club Way, Victoria B.C. – santespavictoria.com
Unredeemed gift cards for Sante Spa will be accepted at The Spa Ritual or our Sante Spa Victoria location.
It has been a pleasure to serve you. For further information, please contact media@santespa.com.

Sante Spa at Hotel Le Germain